The Legacy of Tabernacle Baptist Church of Oklahoma City

Tabernacle Baptist Church, Inc., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was organized in Oklahoma Territory in the fall of 1896 by Rev. J.W. Dungee and sixteen founding members. Rev. Dungee had been designated as “Supply Pastor” by the National Baptist Board and was sent to Oklahoma Territory to organize a church in Oklahoma City. Those charter members included: Rev. J.W. Dungee, Ella Dungee Williams, F.G. Houston, Drusilla Dungee Houston, Katie Houston, Hal Hutson, Emmet Watson Caruthers, Lucy Harrison Caruthers, Allen Wadkins, Ella Wadkins, William Cage, Margaret Cage, Blanche Dungee, and Lydia Dungee. After meeting in the homes of church members, the small but determined group secured property on NE 1st Street on which the first church building was constructed. 
The church pioneers were faced with Oklahoma Territorial strife, uncertainty by the United States government and national denominational disunity. The first six pastors installed in Tabernacle were Rev. R.A. McGuinn, Rev. Trower, Rev. A. Jones, Rev. P.P. Barbee, Rev. L.W. Osborne and Rev. Bacoate. After the turn of the century, the struggling congregation began to grow. it was through the efforts of the 7th pastor, Rev. J.R. Bennett that plans were made for the construction of a brick church in the 300 block on NE 2nd Street. The 8th Pastor, Rev. W.H. Jernigan, was a strong member of the National Baptist Convention and was instrumental in Tabernacle receiving recognition as a leading church in the United States. The 9th pastor was Rev. A.C. Capers.
With The arrival in 1915 of the 10th pastor Rev. E.W. Perry, Tabernacle became a strong and stabilized organization and made tremendous progress both spiritually and financially. The membership also grew from 400 to more than 1200. In 1919 Tabernacle moved its headquarters from NE 2nd Street to NE 3rd and Byers Street. That structure was almost destroyed by fire in 1950. It was rebuilt in less than years and mortgage was burned in less than ten years. There had been two previous mortgages. Burnings in June, 1917 and on Christmas Day, 1937. Tabernacle and its leaders achieved local statewide and national prominence within the religious community. Rev. E.W. Perry served as President of the Oklahoma Baptist Convention for 46 years, and was also nominated for president of the National Baptist Convention, Inc. The church building became the site of various religious, educational, civil rights, and political gatherings, including host church for various State and National Baptist meetings. Rev. E.W. Perry remained the spiritual leaders for 54 years. 
In 1941, a church mission, known as Tabitha Mission was established by Tabernacle in the newly developed Edwards Edition. It later became a permanent church congregation and still thrives as the Tabitha Baptist Church.
After His father’s health began to decline, Rev. Earl J. Perry became the 11th pastor in 1969, having served as a Co-Pastor since 1954. He continued Tabernacle’s influence in state and national Baptist circles by serving as president of the State Baptist Convention and an instructor in the Baptist National Educational Congress. He also traveled extensively in Europe, Africa, and the Holy Land. Rev. Earl J. Perry served the church for 25 years until his retirement as Pastor Emeritus in 1979.
In 1980, Rev. Clarence E. Davis became the 12th pastor of Tabernacle. Under his leadership a vibrant outreach program of evangelism, street ministry, and an expanded church education program were instituted. In January of 1984, under the guidance of Rev. Davis, the Deacon, and the Trustee Boards, Tabernacle moved into a newly constructed edifice at 1829 NE 36th Street, Tabernacle’s current location. 
In 1985, Rev. John L. Mayshack, Sr. was called from Waco, Texas to become the 13th pastor of this historically progressive religious body. Under his dynamic spiritual leadership, Tabernacle continued to experience growth in its membership and financial position. It continued to develop more effective approaches and promoting spiritual and educational programs and ministries. This included enhancement of the family care ministry and the community outreach program. Through expansion of it’s youth ministries, more specific attention was directed towards the youth of the church. under the wise leadership and counsel of Pastor Mayshack, Tabernacle continued to reach into its spiritual strength to develop innovative programs to cope with the complex problems which face today’s Christians as they moved into the 21st century. 
Throughout the year of 1996, the church celebrated its 100th anniversary as a religious body. In celebrating the Centennial, various church organizations were responsible each month for special commemorative programs and activities. The church received and entertained many guests from around the country and church members fellowshipped and reminisced throughout the year. During the Summer Revival, Dr. C.A.W. Clark was honored as Evangelist of the Century. The Celebration was highlighted with a magnificent and momentous Centennial Banquet, which was held on August 3, 1996 at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center. Members and their families were recognized for various special awards during the Banquet. 
The awards included; Leadership: To Rev. John L. Mayshack, Sr. and Mrs. Carla Mayshack; Lineage Award: To Lucille Thompson-Davis and Lucille Thompson-Washington, daughter and grand-daughter of charter members Emmett and Lucy Caruthers; Members 90 Years and Older with at Least 70 Years of Service: To Vivian Carter, James Cotton, Cleopatra McCann, Daisy Simmons, Maudie Stikes (oldest member with longest membership), Lucille Thompson-Davis, and Earlis Vickers; Family with the Largest Membership: The Howard Family; Four Generation Families: Macklin/Allen, Dillard/Coates, Kimbro/Dawson, Mitchell/Clytus, Smith/Jefferson, Smith/Thomas, and Wynn/Scott; Five Generation Families: Campbell/Harris, Fleming/Johnson, Howard, Harrison/Keeton/Johnson/Bruner, and Nichols/Temple/Graham. A service award was presented to all patrons in attendance at the banquet. A Centennial celebration was closed with a watch night service and breakfast on December 31st, 1996. 
The 1997 annual homecoming celebration included a formal Cornerstone Dedication at which all members assembled in front of the church. The congregation participated in a litany of dedication and the cornerstone was laid. the ceremony culminated with a Time Capsule being placed with the cornerstone which included a list of the current church membership and memorabilia pertaining to the centennial celebration. During 1999, the church Phase II Building Committee proposed a Multi-Purpose Building on church properties. This proposed building would include facilities that could enable the church to expand its various spiritual, family-life, youth oriented, educational, and community based programs. During 2000 the Phase II Master Capital Plan, which included Trustees and Deacon, was implemented. The plan, approved by the Deacons and Trustees, went to the church for approval in early 2001. Then further feasibility studies and financial considerations were made to determine if any of the designated capital projects within the Master Plan could be pursued in more detail for possible implementation. In 2001, the Phase II Master Capital Plan was implemented and has stimulated member stewardship as well as providing a significant contribution to stabilizing the Building and General Funds. During 2003, the combined Deacon Board conducted a first in the history of Tabernacle, in the form of a two-day, off-site retreat for the purpose of 1) evaluating the effectiveness of existing church activities and ministries, 2) Planning for proposed changes and/or modifications to these activities and ministries, and 3) for creating new and innovative programs addressing, to a greater extent, the wholeness or holistic needs of our membership. Significant events in 2004 included the continuation and approval by the church of Phase II Building Design Plan presented by Wadkins and Associates Architects, Inc. of Ft. Worth, Texas. From this design Plan the Phase II Committee proceeded with a detailed cost and income evaluation to determine if all or part of the entire Design Plan was feasible. The church also named and approved Rev. Gerald Joseph as Assistant Pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church. In 2005, Tabernacle was well represented at the National Baptist Convention, The National Baptist Congress, and the Oklahoma Baptist Convention with a significant increase in the number of youth attending. In addition, the church installed a new phone system and approved the position of a Website Administrator. The new carpeting installed that year enhanced the overall appearance of the internal edifice.
In December, 2007, Pastor John L. Mayshack, Sr. retired. In 2008, Rev. Gerald M. Joseph, the Assistant Pastor, was asked by the church to as Interim Pastor. He faithfully carried the responsibility to feed the flock of God in this transition period while Tabernacle searched for a Pastor. 
In January, 2009, Dr. Daryl R. Hairston accepted the call to serve as Pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church. Under his guidance, Rev. Hairston initiated a Capital Campaign Program. Some of the accomplishments under his new program included painting and redecoration of the Sanctuary, repair of the pulpit area, repair of the choir area, repair of the pews, installation of a new sound system, revived and expanded the health ministry, and an uplifting Youth Outbreak Program. Dr. Daryl Hairston officially served as pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church from January 1, 2009 until February 19, 2011. After the Departure of Dr. Daryl R. Hairston, Dr. Frank R. McClarty was selected to serve as Interim Pastor. Through his ministry, Interim Pastor McClarty inspired many souls. He served from March, 2012 until May, 2014. 
On December 31, 2014, Rev. Willie J. Tiller, Jr. was called to pastor Tabernacle Baptist Church. Under his leadership, numerous repairs were made for the improvement of the church building
On July 10, 2017 Rev. Larry T. Crudup was called to pastor Tabernacle Baptist Church. Rev. Crudup, his wife Jacinta Crudup, and daughter Zoë Crudup have begun a new chapter with us as we move into “A Glorious Now, A Greater Future!”
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